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About Terrence Cohen

From the ashes of adversity, I found a calling that resonates with both my personal experience and professional ambition. The path to becoming a public adjuster was not the one I had originally envisioned, but a single event reshaped this trajectory.

Hours after returning from a family gathering, an urgent call in the dead of night flipped my world. I rushed to my rehab property, only to be met with a
basement consumed by flames. A wave of relief washed over me, knowing the property was uninhabited.

Numerous thoughts entered my mind ranging from, why me, what will my insurance cover and do I have enough insurance coverage to replace my losses. This incident was not just a financial setback; it became a pivotal moment of realization.

I reached out to my insurance company, anticipating support and resolution. Yet, this hope dissipated quickly. An insurance adjuster surveyed the damage, offering a surprisingly low estimate of $40,000 for repairs that included replacing floor joists and cleaning up the aftermath. His assessment felt like a glaring underestimation.

With my background in flipping and rehabbing properties in St. Louis, Missouri, I had a keen eye for such damages. My estimate was significantly higher, around $140,000, to thoroughly address the destruction caused by fire, smoke, and water.

Weeks later, while at the site, I encountered a public adjuster. Unaware of the profession, his explanation of documenting damages using industry-standard software was a revelation. He promised to negotiate with the insurance company’s adjuster, item by item.

Engaging the public adjuster lifted the burden of stress, anger, and devastation. It allowed me to concentrate on reconstructing the property and healing my
family’s life. Remarkably, the public adjuster’s building estimate surpassed my own by $25,000. He assured me he would have managed my personal property, additional living expenses and loss of use if it was warranted.

It was at this point, I decided to pursue a career as a public adjuster.
Unfortunately, many property owners struggle to navigate the aftermath of property damage, often finding themselves at a disadvantage in insurance claim processes. This realization sparked a deep interest in becoming an advocate for those caught in similar situations.

Today, I stand as a beacon of hope and support for property owners facing disasters. With a unique blend of personal experience and professional expertise, I not only help clients navigate the complexities of insurance claims but also provide them with the empathy and understanding they deserve during such
challenging times.

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