Will Hiring a Public Adjuster Lead to a Higher Settlement?

When you hire a public adjuster, you’re more likely to get a bigger settlement from your insurance company. Why? Because a public adjuster knows how to show your claim in the best light. They pay close attention to what your insurance policy covers and present your claim in great detail. The more thorough and complete your claim is, the higher your settlement is likely to be. Public adjusters take their time to go over every piece of evidence, carefully check out the place where the loss happened, and make sure all the damage is properly recorded.

It’s also important to know that studies have found that 54% of policyowners don’t have a detailed list of everything in their home. Without a public adjuster’s help, getting a good result from your insurance claim can be really tough. Public adjusters bring their expertise to ensure that every aspect of your claim is considered, increasing the chances of a favorable outcome.

What is a Public Adjusters?

Public Adjusters remain a less known yet critical player in insurance. As licensed experts, we solely represent policyholders, navigating and negotiating private insurance claims. Unlike insurance company adjusters, Public Adjusters stand firmly on your side, applying extensive insurance insight to champion your interests and manage the entire claim process, allowing you to focus on rebuilding.

What’s the difference between insurance company adjuster and public adjuster?

While both types of adjusters handle claim assessments, their motivations and loyalty differ. Insurance company adjusters focus on limiting claim payouts in line with company policies, whereas public adjusters work to secure the most favorable outcome for the policyholder.

Can you handle claims for businesses and commercial properties?

We are well-equipped to handle the unique challenges of commercial property claims, ensuring that businesses receive the maximum possible settlement under their policy terms.

Optimal Timing for Hiring a Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster can be engaged at any claim process stage. Whether at the onset of filing an insurance claim or if dissatisfaction arises with your insurer’s assessment, a public adjuster can step in to guide and advocate.

Why are Public Adjusters Needed?

Post-disaster, the emotional turmoil can cloud claim filing accuracy. Quick claim submission demands by insurance companies often exacerbate this stress. Public adjusters alleviate this burden, ensuring precise, advantageous claim handling, offering peace of mind, and safeguarding your interests.

How Do Public Adjusters’ Approach to Claims?

Public Adjusters manage the claim process comprehensively:

1. Initial Assessment: Reviewing policies and assessing damage to understand compensation entitlements.

2. Documentation: Rigorous documentation of damages, gathering photographic evidence and relevant paperwork.

3. Claim Preparation: Creating detailed reports and estimates, assembling a robust claim package.

4. Claim Submission: Filing the claim in adherence to insurer guidelines, ensuring clarity and completeness.

5. Negotiations: Advocating for a fair settlement, challenging discrepancies with the insurer’s evaluation.

6. Adjustments and Settlement: Providing further information for negotiations, aiming for a satisfactory settlement covering all losses.

Public Adjusters Fees?

Public Adjusters typically work on contingency fees. It’s essential to clarify and agree on fees and payment methods upfront, ensuring transparency. These fees are regulated by state laws, with specific rules on permissible charges.

Terrence Cohen stands as guardian through the claim process, ensuring your voice is heard and your losses rightfully compensated.